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26 Feb 2013

Preparing to operate PAYE in real time (RTI)

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From 6 April 2013 employers will have to start reporting PAYE information to HMRC in real time. You may see this referred to as Real Time Information – or RTI.

This means that employers (or their accountant, bookkeeper or payroll bureau) will have to:

  • send details to HMRC every time they pay an employee, at the time they pay them
  • use payroll software to send this information electronically as part of their routine payroll process

At Taxwise Accountancy we can train and help your firm prepare for real time reporting by:

  • Implementing software and traing you to srart using real time reporting for payroll.
  • Process you payroll using our own in house sofware.

Companies that are not compliant will face fines, so please give us a call to beging the process of real time reporting.


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